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Yellowfield Body Balance Therapies will provide N.E. [non erotic] massage in and around

Los Angeles / California .


Provided by Therapist Geert Eleveld, every treatment is approached with the optimum professionalism and care which has led to long-standing working relationships and a solid reputation in the fields of private massage.


Geert's talent and warm and intuitive personality combine with the care and passion for his work, too uniquely position him within the field of Holistic Pulsing massage.


Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of physical therapy.


Nowadays people will often find massage is perfect if they're experiencing any of the following:


* feel frazzled at work


* need a break from the kids/desk


* have muscular tension


* fancy a pampering


* are having trouble sleeping


* feel glum or bogged down by life


* want to improve their joint flexibility and circulation


* want to assist their detox


* are having digestion problems


* want to get in touch with their emotional side / address any emotional issues


* want to treat a friend, colleague or family member


Massage helps us to:


* feel comforted


* feel relaxed


* feel nurtured


* improve our general health (reduced heart rate, increased blood circulation and lymph flow)


* create a state of wellbeing by releasing endorphins (nature's painkillers)


* complement other therapies and conventional medicine


* work in conjunction with our own innate ability and instinct to self-heal


* reconnect ourselves with our inner strength and promote a sense of well-being


* restore/maintain a natural state physical, mental and emotional harmony


* ... and moreover it makes us glow.

Do you find that nagging back pain is interfering with your life? The solution to your back pain is here. Skilled hands will work out all those knots that accumulate due to a busy life and result in pain.

Arriving at your place, you will you leave your cares to me. Now it’s Time For You.


Your experience begins by letting go of the day and sinking into a world created just for you with extra soft table, relaxing aroma, and nature inspired music or sillency. I will take the time to listen to your needs.

Massage Therapy decreases pain, decreases headaches, and lowers your stress level. Massage is so much more than just a treat. When you are in pain, experiencing frequent headaches, or under a lot of stress, Massage Therapy is a priceless need. Many people are now realizing the value of regular Massage Therapy. Many receive Massage Therapy on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Receiving Massage Therapy on a regular basis also helps you to prevent pain and to stay ahead of your pain.

Massage is for everybody Young & old / Male & Female